Ufficio del Registry

[WARNING: This won't make you laugh if you are not italian. Nonethless I'll try to explain it in english, why it is funny for an italian]

I was searching for the "public registry" on MSN Search, the public registry being the office where houses are registrered, so you can search for their history, when they've build, who owns them, if there are pending mortages on them, and so on.
Of course the word I wrote "REGISTRO" is the correct Italian term for "registry". The only use of the word "registry" (in english) by an italian would be for one reason: he knows about IT, and Windows, and yes! he refers to the windows registry, the ocnfiguration database.

So it looked rather funny (but it makes sense, because I use english settings and not italian ones when using MSN Search ) to get this suggestion:

Ufficio del Registry

it sounds pretty much a kind of office that should exist in Microsoft somehwere… "office of the Registry"…
which could even be useful to someone, to have an "office of the registry"… sure that would hold the complete list of keys….

… sorry, just being silly today :-)

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