Canon – The Assignment – My Submission

I have decided to try and partecipate in the photographic contest "the assignment", sponsored by Canon.
Even if I have shot technically better portraits, I thought that this one was one of the most spontaneous, plus it suited the theme well:

"[…] Are you able to capture pure emotion in a single shot? Can you portray a person's life-story with one photograph? […]"

The other I considered, the picture of the Arrotino would have been a person's life story… but that was shot with an old film camera, a Pentax…. I thought it might not be seen that well in a Canon contest… :-(

But this picture – it is about emotions.
It is about having fun no matter your age.
Who says when we grow up we must be serious ?
So I called it "Youth is a State of Mind".

Anyway, the picture is posted here:…

If you like it, please vote for it – after the 5th of May when the votes will be actually open.

3 Responses to “Canon – The Assignment – My Submission”

  1. vincos Says:

    I will vote for ya…take a look at mine

  2. Daniele Muscetta Says:

    Beautiful (but sad) one, mate!

  3. G2 Studio Says:

    I've already voted for yours
    this is mine

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