Environmentalism and children

When I was a kid, my hair dresser went hunting for sport. Every single time I was trying to convince him to give that up.
Once we were on holiday, I saw a group of hunters driving thru town in their jeeps, carrying a lot of game – many wild boars they had managed to kill that day. They were loud and excited, and I could sense how the bloodshed had inebriated them, like too much wine, and disconnected them from Love. I was shocked, had bad dreams, I could not talk of anything else. I even wrote a letter to the Italian WWF delegation to see if they could do anything about it. To my surprise, they published my letter on the next issue of their periodic publication for juniors, replying that in those areas there is over-abundance of those boars, that they are not really endangered and that this is a local tradition that would be very hard to eradicate.
They lost me there – I was really angry as this kid, and that answer kind of made me lose faith, that I should give up my efforts.

Then a couple of days I stumbled into watched this video [found on Tara's astrology blog]

Seeing this kid brought back those memories. It reminded me that I was, in fact, thought to accept and eat meat, but that – as a soul – I was suffering for the animals.

As a matter of fact, anyhow, it's true that those wild boars were not really the biggest issue around, and they had probably had a wonderful life before being shot! Little I knew of the means of mass production that force cattle in horrible life conditions and damages the whole ecosystem [I wrote an earlier post on this topic http://www.muscetta.com/2015/07/13/holy-cow/]. I just knew what I could read on some selected books and magazines, in the '80's, and what went on the Italian television at the time (which was already starting to become dull as the Berlusconi era was preparing to sprout…), and what I saw first hand – so, not many resources were available, really.
But kids these days know a lot more, at their age, that we could have ever dreamed of – there is a lot more information around in documentaries, news, on the Internet – everything passes by facebook or youtube and we all have a better understanding of what amount of damage we have done to the planet – and to ourselves. We see strong images. These visions, for a small kid are frightening, and he expresses that.

The kid in the video is obviously an old soul, and he certainly came here for this work (he even says that).
But what this video should make everyone realize, is that each and every one of us also has an inner child, a tender and innocent part of his or her soul that lives within us. Most of us have suppressed that loving, caring, feminine aspect, but if you listen carefully, your own inner child is crying too, just like this kid does.

UPDATE Sept 19th 2016 – I now got to the point where I regret having re-launched this kids' video. He's getting a lot of media attention, got 5 million views on a CNN interview and his family got given an electric car from a car manufacturer to go around like a billboard. I hope they don't burn the kid out. God bless him.

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