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This page contaisn links to some of the technical IT articles I've written on the web in various periods of my life. They may go about Security Research or infrastructure or development, or how-to's or useful SQL Queries and Tools and scripts for System Center Operations Manager; some are translations to italian of some english security white papers or guides; they might be just rants or normal blog posts.

I collected them here to let them be found more easily, hoping that someone might find them interesting. Always keep in mind the period in which they are written, as my mind could – and probably has – changed on a variety of topics, with time!

Monitoring SQL Backup Failures with Azure Operational Insights Search and Dashboards
How to collect text log lines in Azure Operational Insights thru Operations Manager (SCOM)

Azure Operational Insights Search How To: Part I – How to filter big data
Azure Operational Insights Search How To: Part II – More on Filtering, using Boolean Operators, the Time Dimension, Numbers and Ranges
Azure Operational Insights Search How To: Part III – Manipulating Results: the pipeline “|” and Search Commands
Azure Operational Insights Search How To: Part IV – Introducing the MEASURE command
Azure Operational Insights Search HowTo: Part V – Max() and Min() Statistical functions with Measure command
Azure Operational Insights Search How To: Part VI – Measure Avg(), and an exploration of Type=PerfHourly
Azure Operational Insights Search How To: Part VII – Measure Sum() and Where command
W3C IIS Logs Search in Microsoft Azure Operational Insights
Useful Operational Insights Search Query Collection
IIS MP Event-Alerting Rules’s OpInsights Searches Equivalents
Anatomy of an Event Collection Rule for Azure Operational Insights (Advanced targeting when using OpsMgr attach)
How to collect Syslog events in Azure Operational Insights thru Operations Manager (SCOM)

Microsoft Monitoring Agent, System Center Operations Manager and Visual Studio Application Insights
Programmatically create APM objects and configuration (w/ APM Explorer sample app)
System Center Advisor now supports Windows Azure Active Directory (formerly OrgID)
Custom Rule for selective APM Event collection (useful with multi-homing)
Alerting on ASP.NET Exceptions thru the Windows Azure Management Pack

APM Agent Throttling settings and other APM Overrides in SC2012 Operations Manager
APM Configured Endpoints Report
 Event-to-Alert ratio, reviewing problems and understanding trends for APM data in OpsMgr 2012
All you need to know about APM “Transactions”
Custom APM Rules for granular alerting
APM object model

Application Monitoring Architecture in OpsMgr 2012 Beta

How to convert (and fixup) the RedHat RPM to run on Debian/Ubuntu
A few thoughts on sizing Audit Collection System


one of Event 9 *Solutions* as a Expert Commentator to the 2009 Summer Scripting Games
Using the SCX Agent with WSMan from Powershell v2
Installing the OpsMgr 2007 R2 SCX Agent on Ubuntu
Get-WmiCustom (aka: Get-WMIObject with timeout!)
OpsMgr2007 Certificate Management via Command Line (coded the included script)
Cross Platform Monitoring in OpsMgr2007 R2 Release Candidate


Programmatically Check for Management Pack Updates in OpsMgr2007 R2
CentOS Discovery in OpsMgr 2007 R2 beta
Testing System Center Cross Platform Extensions


PowerShell and RegExp for log analysis
Create a script based unit monitor in OpsMgr2007 via the GUI


Out-Blog: a sample PowerShell CmdLet using Windows Live Writer adapters


Connecting to an IPv6 Tunnel Broker from behind an ISA 2004 Firewall (Eng)
– BlackHat Europe 2005 Review – with Interviews (Ita) – [broken link]


BlackHat Europe 2004 Review – with Interviews (Ita) – [broken link] – Jeff Moss's Interview (Eng)
Honeynet Project' "Scan Of The Month" (SOTM) 30 – (IT Virtual Community Team)
Honeynet Project' "Scan Of The Month" (SOTM) 30 – (IT Virtual Community Team) a mirror (the honeynet site does not have the complete wiki anymore)


BlackHat Europe 2003 Review – with Interviews (Ita) – [broken link] – Lance Spitzner's Interview (Eng)
What About Netware? (Eng – 1st version)
HONEYTAGS: Honey Power for the masses – ITVC version (Ita) – [broken link] – Worms researched from logs of production systems and honeypots
Honeynet Project' "Scan Of The Month" (SOTM) 29 – (Daniele Muscetta)
Simple honeynet with OpenBSD (italian translation of a paper by Christopher J. Reining) – [broken link]

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