Why Tarot?

A few folks sounded concerned, and have reached out in the past few weeks (especially on LinkedIn…) asking if I was doing alright. I am doing great, thank you: free to speak as I have not been in the last decade, building guitars and starting a holistic healing practice with my wife, which also features Tarot and Oracle cards readings.


First of all, let me get this right: we won't "predict the future" (you make your own), we are not selling snake oil, and we have not gone crazy either.

We do believe, anyhow, that our intuitive mind can read signs from the Universe.

We also believe that Tarot and Oracle cards consultations can help people on their personal growth path; they can help people get insights on themselves, on other people and their situations. The cards facilitate a dialog that sources from Intuition rather than rationality – allowing to go to the root of blockages, see deep inside of yourself what your emotions look like, face your fears, analyze your wishes and worries, reconstruct/understand past courses of action or decide what the best future actions would be.

We have all undergone some level of conditioning perpetrated by the society and families we lived and grew up in – almost everybody tends to have some sort of limiting belief – about the world, about themselves – and a conversation grounded in a Tarot reading around a very specific question is usually revealing towards removing those blockages that prevent us from allowing happiness, joy, love and wealth to flow in our lives.

At the end of the day, it's just a deck of cards. It might give you some insights, but you need to be open to listen to your intuition.
It might change your life or it might leave you completely unchanged. It's largely up to you.

Many people these days – and actually, always – also use it as business guidance.

Jyothi and I, at the Sanctuary of Joy, think it is a great tool for meditation and self-discovery.

If you would like to give the cards a try, you might want to check out the free online tarot reading page I built.


Coming soon: Sanctuary of Joy

Hi everyone! Me and my wife Jyothi are getting ready to start running the Sanctuary of Joy – 'a sacred space to (re)discover who you really are'.

The goal of the Sanctuary (both a physical as well as a 'virtual' space) it to take you on a healing journey to find your inner wisdom and energy in a simple and peaceful way.

We'll offer Reiki, Tarot and Oracle card readings, Coaching – and more.

Check out our the landing page on our website and subscribe over there if you want to keep up to date when we fully launch!

Sanctuary of Joy Teaser

Karel I ‘Regalia’ antique Cigar box guitar

This guitar is made from an old cigar box from the Karel factory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Not sure about the age of the box itself, but I guess it's from the '30's. 

Karel I 'Regalia' cigar box guitar

Karel I 'Regalia'

Karel I 'Regalia'

Price: 400 Euros

Availability: Coming soon (almost ready). Contact me to preorder!

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‘Old Dutch Mill’ cookie tin guitar

A beautiful aluminum tin (probably for cookies) with a white and blue dutch style painting of a windmill.
The fretboard is made from a recycled piece of mahogany (floor).

The result is very classy. Bright sound.

'Old dutch mill' cookie tin guitar

'Old dutch mill' cookie tin guitar strung for the first time

'Old dutch mill' cookie tin guitar almost ready for assembly

'Old dutch mill' cookie tin guitar strung for the first time

'Old dutch mill' cookie tin guitar strung for the first time

Price: 300 Euros.

Availability: Available now. If you want to buy this, contact me

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Writing on the toilet walls

Who doesn't like writing on walls?
Perhaps it is the medium – a vertical and big space – that inspires; perhaps it is the aura of this being a 'forbidden' activity.

Either way, we decided it could be fun to allow the kids (and ourselves, and our guests) to write on the toilet walls – which are tiled – with whiteboard markers.

Our toilet walls

Now, when we have guests, anybody who goes to the toilet takes a very long time to come out of it, and usually gets back saying "how cool".

Can you see? (Song)

This is a blues-y song I wrote recently, performed with the recently built 'Santa Muerte' cigar box guitar (just in time before it gets picked up by its new owner, I thought I'd test drive it properly…) as well as my Plank "#01" Telecaster.

Pump up the volume, and I hope you like it.

Besides composing, I have been to Italy for the Christmas holidays – for the last couple of weeks; production of 'Plank' guitars is about to resume next week, as kids start school again.

In the meantime I moved the website to a 'better' domain name www.plankguitars.com (but all previous links will redirect) and have prepared 'labels' for serial numbers of my builds:

Plank guitars labels

‘Cellocan’ cookie tin 3-strings guitar

The following is a Cookie tin guitar I built almost completely out of recycled materials (only the tuning pegs are new) – it looks beautiful and it's a pleasure to play.

You can read more about it at my blog.

Recycled 'Cellocan' Cookie Tin Guitar

Screw bridge on cookie tin body

Recycled Headstock


Here a friend plays it

Price: 150 Euros

Availability: Available. Contact me if you want to buy this.

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