Back home, back to my roots (quot. Pino Daniele)

2015 was a year of awakening and of choosing a different path – we "escaped" from the United States and we moved to the Netherlands (a friendlier environment, where we could count on support from my wife's family), in order to recover from the stressful situations we had been through and to start recovering our physical and mental health. It was the start of a journey to get closer to our real selves. Folks kept asking if this was a 'final' move – and, to be honest, we didn't know what to answer at the time. What is 'final' anyway? It felt more like a stepping stone, a purgatory of sort, where we learned new things and we started sharpening our claws for a new adventure. We have been increasingly aware of how nothing in life is ever 'static' nor 'final', and the only constant in life is that everything changes, all the times.

It wasn't until 2016 that circumstances were ready for us to really explore and get started on new paths. This was a year when many famous people died, old patterns really fell apart, great restlessness drove changes in ourselves and throughout the world and society. Some people considered this a 'bad' year, but at the end of the day, it has just been a year of ending a cycle which had started in 2008 and of preparing for a new one: myself and Jyothi started the Sanctuary of Joy initiative, and we have been healing ourselves and spreading words of hope and light to try to illuminate the darkness that lingers out there in many people's lives. We had to fight our own – and other's – daemons fiercely; visions and nightmares were intense; we learned to follow our hearts in the midst of criticism and doubts from society, to tell our egos and fears to shut the fuck up and to ignore every temptation to fall back in the old ways, trusting that the universe would lead us onto our new path, all in divine timing.

Spring was a timid start but when Summer came, it gave us more confidence. Jyothi made great progess on her naturopathy studies, she stepped up her Reiki skills, we published a book on Tarot and I kept improving my wood-working and luthiery skills at the Dutch School of Guitar Making. This had the side effect to confront me with how hard had I been with myself in the past, when dealing with 'standard' daily jobs and workplaces where I unconsciously picked up everyone else's emotions and stress, suppressing my own emotions. I didn't just learn about wood and guitars but about what it takes to stay centered when you are a psychic.

In fall things became clearer: we got guided to find a piece of land and a country house in Italy that will become the Sanctuary of Joy's headquarter. Things have just started in this sense – there is a lot of work to do to clean up and prepare the place, but at every step the signs have been clear that we made a good choice: doors and opportunities kept opening to us in miraculous ways, and 2017 is going to be the 'real' start of a new life that is off the grid, close to nature, and dedicated to light up the way for others who are also starting to realize how much human beings actually need a lot less 'things', a lot more air, plenty of silence and space to meditate and think outside of the box, to connect with each other in meaningful ways and to think with their own heads rather than living up to all the same cliche's they get brainwashed with by corporations and they hear in the news.

PS – The activities of Plank Guitars are on hold until I'll have a new workshop setup.

Summer updates you might have missed

This is some sort of 'summary' post to point you at some of the news and the things that happened recently in my world, but I have not talked about on this blog.

To start with, my wife Jyothi​ has written an article about her experience with Reiki since she first came across it over 20 years ago and until a few months ago when she became a Reiki Master.
Jyothi's article can be read here

My energetic life journey with Reiki so far

You can read more information about the Reiki we do at the Sanctuary of Joy here


Then, I published a fictional story / short novel of Love and Tarot which I wrote some time ago, which you can read here

Get your life in tune (a Tarot story)

This story was released at the same time as our book "Get your life in tune with Tarot", since the book's title was inspired by the story!

Our book is not for initiates, occultists or psychologists – this is a simple and down to earth method for whoever wants to give Tarot a try. We keep it extremely simple.

Moreover, we offer you the options to buy the book and pay for it right away, or to download it for free now and come back and pay it later if you think it was worth your time. Give it a try!
Download your copy from

Since that was not enough, we also overhauled the booking system for card readings and appointments on the Sanctuary of Joy's website. Check it out

Last but not least, did you notice that the Sanctuary of Joy's Newsletter is now avaliable online and it has an option to translate with Google? What are you waiting for, to sign up? Check out September's edition

These were the main things I wanted to point your attention to.

Kirk out.

Sanctuary of Joy's blog

I am happy to be introducing the Sanctuary of Joy's blog, where you can find the full version of all the 'general' card readings and inspirational posts and art that we also share on the Sanctuary of Joy's facebook page (which, by the way, reached 500 'likes' in its first 3 months and our posts are being seen thousands of times a day already!

Please visit it at and bookmark it!

Sanctuary of Joy's blog


Why Tarot?

A few folks sounded concerned, and have reached out in the past few weeks (especially on LinkedIn…) asking if I was doing alright. I am doing great, thank you: free to speak as I have not been in the last decade, building guitars and starting a holistic healing practice with my wife, which also features Tarot and Oracle cards readings.


First of all, let me get this right: we won't "predict the future" (you make your own), we are not selling snake oil, and we have not gone crazy either.

We do believe, anyhow, that our intuitive mind can read signs from the Universe.

We also believe that Tarot and Oracle cards consultations can help people on their personal growth path; they can help people get insights on themselves, on other people and their situations. The cards facilitate a dialog that sources from Intuition rather than rationality – allowing to go to the root of blockages, see deep inside of yourself what your emotions look like, face your fears, analyze your wishes and worries, reconstruct/understand past courses of action or decide what the best future actions would be.

We have all undergone some level of conditioning perpetrated by the society and families we lived and grew up in – almost everybody tends to have some sort of limiting belief – about the world, about themselves – and a conversation grounded in a Tarot reading around a very specific question is usually revealing towards removing those blockages that prevent us from allowing happiness, joy, love and wealth to flow in our lives.

At the end of the day, it's just a deck of cards. It might give you some insights, but you need to be open to listen to your intuition.
It might change your life or it might leave you completely unchanged. It's largely up to you.

Many people these days – and actually, always – also use it as business guidance.

Jyothi and I, at the Sanctuary of Joy, think it is a great tool for meditation and self-discovery.

If you would like to give the cards a try, you might want to check out the free online tarot reading page I built.


Coming soon: Sanctuary of Joy

Hi everyone! Me and my wife Jyothi are getting ready to start running the Sanctuary of Joy – 'a sacred space to (re)discover who you really are'.

The goal of the Sanctuary (both a physical as well as a 'virtual' space) it to take you on a healing journey to find your inner wisdom and energy in a simple and peaceful way.

We'll offer Reiki, Tarot and Oracle card readings, Coaching – and more.

Check out our the landing page on our website and subscribe over there if you want to keep up to date when we fully launch!

Sanctuary of Joy Teaser