Since I started with the camera several years ago, my photography evolved from a form of self-expression: my portraits have become a therapeutic aid; they lead the subjects into seeing themselves differently and can help them find their true and most authentic selves.

[…] photography as an art… I don’t care whether or not you dignify it with a highbrow name. I think it is more important to find all life interesting than to seek out just the high levels.
– Dorothea Lange

I take professional empowering portraits at Sanctuary of Joy. I believe everybody is a good photographic subject: all people are beautiful, whether they know it or not. I am good at making you – and others – see your own beauty.

Below you can see some of the portraits I made over the years (from my Flickr account).



Natale di Roma

Oma Gon



The Player's Gaze


Roberta, Pianist





Growing up

Sita en Nico 40 jaar getrouwd

Saharan Woman ;-)

If you would like to see more of my photos, from the following links you can navigate to

If you are interested in engaging me to take your portrait, contact me at Sanctuary of Joy.

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