Summer updates you might have missed

This is some sort of 'summary' post to point you at some of the news and the things that happened recently in my world, but I have not talked about on this blog.

To start with, my wife Jyothi​ has written an article about her experience with Reiki since she first came across it over 20 years ago and until a few months ago when she became a Reiki Master.
Jyothi's article can be read here

My energetic life journey with Reiki so far

You can read more information about the Reiki we do at the Sanctuary of Joy here


Then, I published a fictional story / short novel of Love and Tarot which I wrote some time ago, which you can read here

Get your life in tune (a Tarot story)

This story was released at the same time as our book "Get your life in tune with Tarot", since the book's title was inspired by the story!

Our book is not for initiates, occultists or psychologists – this is a simple and down to earth method for whoever wants to give Tarot a try. We keep it extremely simple.

Moreover, we offer you the options to buy the book and pay for it right away, or to download it for free now and come back and pay it later if you think it was worth your time. Give it a try!
Download your copy from

Since that was not enough, we also overhauled the booking system for card readings and appointments on the Sanctuary of Joy's website. Check it out

Last but not least, did you notice that the Sanctuary of Joy's Newsletter is now avaliable online and it has an option to translate with Google? What are you waiting for, to sign up? Check out September's edition

These were the main things I wanted to point your attention to.

Kirk out.