My own 2008 Favourite Photos

My own 2008 Faves

I looked back though my past year of photo making and these are my own personal favorites: regardeless of what people (and Flickr's interestingness algoritm) think, this is my own selection.

1. Elin, 2. Follow your bliss, 3. Soap Bubbles, 4. Morning Fog, 5. Don't look back, 6. Plough, 7. Quattro Gatti, 8. Ein deutsches Requiem, 9. Munich | S-Bahn, 10. Sunset Behind Castel Gandolfo, 11. Prayers, 12. Roma Multietnica | Mercato Esquilino, 13. Pantheon, 14. Romanian Cat, 15. Bucharest | Garden at Stavropoleos Church, 16. Reflection of the East, 17. Musician, 18. Juno's temple, 19. Memories or the Past, 20. Joshua | Thinking, 21. Esha Tizafy, 22. Prague by Night, 23. Sicilian Meditative material, 24. Scala dei Turchi, 25. Scala dei Turchi, 26. The Puppet Maker, 27. Mazara del Vallo, 28. Cappella di S.Crescenzia, 29. Trapani | Abandoned Place, 30. Marsala, 31. Luca | Lemon, 32. Luca Photographer, 33. Switzerland from the Train, 34. Old Friends | Generations, 35. Elin, 36. Old Friends | Generations
The application at only lets you do mosaics of up to 36 photos.

My selection really includes my favourite 50, which are arranged in a specific SET

Flickr Cake

Flickr Cake

Flickr Cake, uploaded by Daniele Muscetta on Flickr.

Here the photo of another creation by Jyothi, that we have eaten two days ago with a bunch of Flickr-crazy friends: a Flickr cake! That wasn't only nice to see, it was also tasty!