Web Design and Marketing

I've got extensive knowledge of design, project and product management, community engagement, operations and security management for Internet software systems and cloud services, and I have learned to navigate and drive the business aspects of IT, DevOps and Development teams working for many famous corporations: Microsoft, Symantec (and their respective large customers), and more. I have worked at Microsoft on enterprise/cloud products and services till 2015.

I do like technology, but most of all I like the potential of interconnecting people and sharing information. I left the 'big' corporate world as I was tired of the hype for each 'next cool thing' built just for making money.

I do anyhow still like to lend my IT skills to work part time or consult for organizations or individuals who contribute to a good cause and want make the world a better place; I can help small companies get more visible thru their Internet and Social Media presence.

Some of the Websites I designed and I run for myself and family are shown and linked below as examples.


Sanctuary of Joy's blog




I use predominantly open source software for my sites: Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress – and others.
I have always done that.
My sites have been running for many years on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) by RimuHosting, even back in the days when 'cloud' was just used as a word to talk about the weather, not about IT.

Java and Linux VPS Hosting by RimuHosting

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