We, those lazy admins…

I have been quite busy at work.
There is a lot to do…

…this guy up here in this post I quote, has really got the same idea as I do.

I am in a position where I need to make people aware in a large organisation where I work… They need to understand WHICH are the risks out there going on at the moment and WHY should we take some technical steps to address those issues… and it DOES take time.
Before you’re allowed to install a patch, change whatever, you need and have to be “in synch” with the other colleagues, of the same and other departments.

They need to understand and prioritize with the other activities.

Loads of people screaming at us, stupid admins who don’t patch, and bla bla…
Well, my machines at home ARE patched in time, and I even rely on automatic systems with some of them. On the other hand, in a big company this isn’t simply possible or desiderable to have.
It’s the truth.
You need a more controlled/throughly-tested environment/configuration and you simply can’t rely on fast and automatic patching.

Some other people should stop shouting against we lazy admins…

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