Scan of the Month 29 – Honeynet

Yesterday I have been very proud of myself when I saw my writeup for the ‘Scan of the Month’ Forensic Analisys being actually published on !
This means that even if I would have liked to make it better and more complete, it wasn’t that bad in the end!
I wish to thank a lot the members of The Honeynet Project for this great opportunity to learn that they set up for everybody in the security community, and I also wish to thank Brennan Bakke of GMTECH for his insight on the ext2/3 filesystem: they put me on the right way to solve this puzzle the way I did.
A huge thanks goes to my wife for always leaving me the time to be ‘geek’. No woman could understand me better.
And of course thanks to the other guys at ITVC for encouraging me with in writing this writeup.

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