Rant. Just a rant.

This time it wasn’t that bad.
Security Bulletin that came out yesterday is – for one – far less work for me.

What usually happens when a security bulletin comes out on “patching Tuesday” is that I spend most of the night studying it (I am in Europe, so with the time zone difference, by the time a Security Bulletin is out in America, here is already evening?), to be able to know ins and outs about the new issue/vuln/patch and to be able to explain this to my customers during the days that follow.

I have to admit that the last couple of rounds (GDI+ in September, and the 10 bulletins of October) I have been quite hectic to make it in time – with studying things myself before providing “expert advice” to someone else….

But ISA Vulnerability being patched doesn’t mean I can sit down and rest: a variant of MyDoom Worm (http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.mydoom.ai@mm.html) is currently exploiting machines vulnerable to the IFRAME (http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/11515) vulnerability of Internet Explorer.
If you haven’t done it yet, install WinXP SP2 which is immune to this vulnerability!

I have been thinking what the right place to post this would have been, since it is a personal opinion about my work. Yes, because this isn’t the only space I got now….. Haven?t I told you yet? I got a corporate Blog now!
Yes I started working for Microsoft lately. Yes it’s true. Yes it’s really me.
Yes I know, I have also been writing anti-Microsoft stuff in the past, sometimes.
Yes I can also use Linux, that’s correct, and even do forensic analysis on it.

I am a person first, and a technology tamer second.
Tamer, for I am not really an enthusiast, like many other out there.
I don’t particularly like gadgets. Not for myself. But it doesn?t mean I don?t use them ? I do, of course. But it is mainly because I like to understand how stuff works. I?ve always done, I always will; by understanding technology, we can let it behave as WE want – and not the other way around.
This has been, since my early days with a Commodore64 (and all the other machines that passed under my fingers) my drive: understanding WTF that machine is doing, and let it do what I want (you know ? sometimes machines would like to do what they want, but in that case I don’t let them?).
Now this is challenging with every technology, and I don’t see contraddictions in using them all.

I worked with Microsoft in several situations in the past.
I had been working for years with Microsoft products, I’ve got Microsoft certifications, and I have worked with Microsoft people on Microsoft projects many times in the past, before joining the corporation myself.

I have had a period of my life where I looked at the competition, too, I admit it, but I then realized I don’t like them. I don’t like their politics, while I might understand the technologies (from a technical standpoint, as stated before), since technologies are ?neutral? in themselves.

I am back with the old friends now. You?ll hear from me here, or there – it will depend on the subject, and on my mood when posting.

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