Have not posted in a while

I have not posted in a while.
I have, in fact, been quite busy, both for work and personally.
Then the site has been down for a couple of days. hopefully now that is over.
It had to do with an upgrade which broke some things in my very peculiar configuration, you can find more about it at:
This happened mainly due to this machine running on a UML kernel I suppose.

In fact this is a UML machine, but it isn’t a honeypot. But this is another story…. this is another theory I got which I will talk about at one stage, where a virtualized environment does not necessarily means a honeypot, as some people like to say. This is a Virtualized machine from the very fine guys at rimuhosting.com

Then what ?
Then I found another awesome social networking site I did not yet know about: 43Things. This seems pretty cool.

And What else have I been doing ?
Mosty working. Not much time to get to post anything really…

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