DIG on Windows (vs NSLOOKUP)

Some time ago (actually quite a while – but I don’t really get the time to blog sometimes…. you must have noticed that since I am blogging now that’s Xmas holiday…. which is insane on its own, but that’s another story), thanks to Peter Provost’s blog I spotted NetDIG – available at http://mvptools.com !

I don’t usually cross-post many links found elsewhere, but this one… I just had to.
I am a “command-line-guy”, when possible. I like command-line power. So I usually hang around with both “Services For Unix” installed, plus a collection of other unix-like external tools and external/add-on CLI commands for doing all sort of things on my laptop….
…waiting for MONAD (http://channel9.msdn.com/wiki/default.aspx/Channel9.MSHWiki). But I’ve got the beta running.

So this nice port of “dig” was missing in my collection… and I was stuck with nslookup when it came down to solve DNS issues from Windows… now I have a “dig” implementation on Windows too. Awesome. In fact I’d always wondered why does Windows to date only comes with nslookup which is deprecated and considered a “legacy” thing on UNIX ??

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