Flickr to MSN Spaces now WORKS!

What I was complaining about in this post is now solved and you can finally post to your MSN Spaces blog your flickr photos!
Dare explains here how to set it up.

One thought on “Flickr to MSN Spaces now WORKS!

  • February 6, 2006 at 5:00 am

    daniele – sorry – this has little to do with your blog – but one of the only ways i can possibly get a hold of you… i am from vancouver BC – Canada – i am part of a independand band – ‘jakobswell’ – we’ve just put together a demo CD – not a lot of copies – 50 now – maybe 50 later… i am interested in one of your pics that i saw on flikr – titled ‘Pozzo di S.Patrizio (Orvieto)’ – we would like to use it on the inside of the cover… it a a very low budget thing – but don’t want to infringe on copyright and your work – we’re not really in a position to pay royalty but would give you credit in the cover… please let me know….

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