April’s Fool ??

No, really, I completely forgot to make jokes today, and just relaxed. (no, I did not even checked if there were funny stuff around like two years ago)
Now, it really wasn’t about this I wanted to write.

I am only figuring out *now* that Joel Spolsky has written (nearly a month ago!) this post.
It’s funny because he mentions that Java might be the new Cobol (“[…]is java the new Cobol ?[…]”).
Hey! I’ve already said this! It gets more and more common. Keep having this topic at hand, for example – do you remember those older posts ?

This assertion (Java being the new Cobol) comes out again and again. It must be true, then 🙂

Well, Joel in that same post also says he’s been travelling quite a while.
Actually, I did as well. This might be the reason I am catching up with blogs now and I only ready his post a month after he’s written it!
I have been around too, but not to conferences and pseudo-funny things: I went to customers in other cities either delivering workshops, or projects, and other stuff. It has been quite a lot of going around, anyway, since when this year has started.

I am starting to find some time to enjoy my family a bit more again now, finally, and relaxing a bit!Teamwork

Oh, and I even turned THIRTY old, this past March.

It’s a turning of a decade… sure, I am not *old* (ain’t I ?) … but it sounds soooo weird.

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