Trackback Spam

Oh I hate spammers, you know ? In fact I’ve also got this goal I would like to mark as “done”….
…but that’s more for laughing than to be serious, really.

Coming to comment spam, I’ve been dealing quite a lot with the old ‘b2’ (WordPress’s progenitor) at one stage, while I could not be asked to upgrade yet. At one stage I’d even coded my own unofficial fix for it to keep it going and mantain my sanity…

Then with WordPress I’ve enabled a CAPTCHA plugin which takes care of robots and only lets HUMANS place comments.

But now it’s the turn of trackback spamming….
Sure, a lot of people have seen it AGES before me, simply because people DO read THEIR blog more than mine….
In a way, this might mean this is starting to be read – gosh! Who makes you read this ? Are you really THAT bored to get to read me?

Anyway, here’s a couple of useful links proposing approaches to tackle comment and trackback spam. They might be useful to you too:

Also now, I could get some of those plug-ins…. probably. For now I don’t have time to test the plug-ins, so I’ve just hacked my own fix, see if it does. Probably I will have to ‘touch’ it again, as I might have broken the trackback feature altogether. Well, it will pretty much test itself. Spammers, where are you now ? I’m watching my logs, please try….

[edited: 20th May 2006 – Ok they did send trackbacks tonight and my fix did work :-)]

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