Modern Times, different approaches…

Modern Times

Most students in this photo have a laptop!
They were visiting Italy with their school, and were having a lesson on the square in front of Santa Caterina Church (behing the Pantheon).

Funny thing is how much difference there is in the amount of technology that is actually available to people in different geographical areas of the world, and how it is spread.

I will explain it better: they were probably american, most students have a laptop – I remeber them (the laptops) being MANY – I can count at least SIX laptopts in this photo, there are probably more….
That’s so much money already, and a laptop is used so much over there…. but that explains to me something I had never really understood: why they were pushing so much the TabletPC…. here in Italy not even COMPANIES buy those….

As far as school goes…. an italian school would not have that many computers NOT EVEN in a special class/laboratory. It would be a miracle if it had an internet connection that’s not dial-up, and it would already be great if there were computers at all, quite often….

Software vendors usually do “special deals” or discount prices, or donations… but that’s never enough for the small budgets of public schools….

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