Specialization is bullshit

Looking down to the world

I have changed the tagline for this blog, leaving the first part of it (“Superior Dedication”) and adding a further explanation to it (“Specialization is bullshit”).

This should give a better insight on my feeling about some trends I have observed (and keep observing) in the IT World: management wants higher specialization, replication of work, the possibility to render persons much more similar to machines than to artists.
It is capitalism applied to the intellectual capabilities of people.
“If what you can do can be replicated, can be made a procedure, or even a batch, you become easily replaceable and they can make bigger bucks with your work”.

I tend to see myself more as an artisan than as a robot.
An artisan: no, I did not say “artist” because that might sound arrogant….
But what I mean is that IMHO Information Technology does not need replaceable parts and new dotcom explosion of big bucks for the rich ones. It needs more dedicated, creative people. People that love to learn. People that actually read the manuals when trying something new.

Replication, standardization, “specialization” – how boring is that ?

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