My kids ARE allowed to get dirty

Painting with my hands

my wife: “Oh, look: they DO sell finger paint here in Italy as well”
myself: “Sure, why not?”
my wife: “Well, kids are usually not supposed to get dirty from their parents, right ?”
myself: “ROTFL :-)”

it’s quite a comedy (or a tragedy). They really aren’t supposed to have fun in many occation because “you get dirty”. Sure. That is what washing machines have been invented for, right ? At least these days we have those….
I have seen kids at the playground that were not allowed to get in the sandpit because they would have got dirty or…. well, why did you get them to the playground then if they are not allowed to play ?
Anyway, excluding some moments when my italian genes come forward and try to take ownership of my brain, our kids ARE allowed to get dirty. At least they have fun.

You might find this book of Tim Parks to be quite amusing on this topic 🙂

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