A visual conversation

“[…] But now I’ve come to realize that Flickr is so much more. It’s not just a cleverly designed web application. It’s a repository of human knowledge and creativity organized organically. It’s a visual conversation. It’s countless stories intertwined. It’s a community. It’s a virtual world. It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. […]”
excerpt from: http://www.stephanspencer.com/archives/2005/02/13/flickr/

This guy is right. Stephan, you really got it – and you described it well too.
I am just crazy about this Flickr thing. It’s the HUMAN and collaboration features that make Flickr that cool, addictive and popular. Those really make it emerge over ANY other photo-gallery software or service available.
That is the reason why I use it (and I pay it) even if it has been bought by a competitor of my company, even if I have my own server where I could indipendently publish my galleries at no cost, even if…. [insert random reason here about why I should not be using it]. It is for those “countless stories intertwined” that I like it so much.

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