Don’t talk about yourself.

I just read this post in which Hugh MacLeod writes critically about Microsoft people writing about themselves and showing off, hoping in the power of an artificially created network to impress people (or that’s I get it, at least – maybe it isn’t completely that way), instead of letting people talk about the products because they believe they are just cool. He concludes: “[…] [First Rule of Marketing:] If you want to be interesting, don’t talk about yourself. Amen. […]”

You should have OTHER people talk about YOUR stuff because it is really cool.

Self-promotion does usually the opposite effect on peopple these days.

I am not into this: I just talk about technology when I feel like to, and I talk about other stuff when I want to talk about other stuff. And when I talk about technology it is usually about what interests me at that point, be it Microsoft or not. I talk of MOM as well as of Linux, of C# just as much as of Ruby. It depends what I’m hacking with at that point in time. I like cool technology, it does not matter if it comes from one side or another. I even like to integrate them when it makes sense (and it makes sense a lot of times). But I’ve already written about this here in the past. So I’ll stop this rant here.

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