Facebook implemented a user.setStatus API!

Finally, you CAN change your Facebook status programmatically in a way that is supported!

Some months ago Christian discovered a hack to change your Facebook status. Some other people also used it and extended it. I also ported it to C# and made a winform using its unofficial method.
Suddenly after, Facebook asked us to take down the code, as it violated their terms of service.

It has taken a while, some struggles, but now they finally recognized the need for federated status, and implemented a user.setStatus API.

Twitter is the first to pick it up, so now you can update twitter and have your status propagate in Facebook!

Well done, guys!

When I’ll have some time I might think of rewriting my app using the SUPPORTED method, maybe finally writing that Live Messenger plugin… it would be nice 🙂
When I’ll have time…

2 thoughts on “Facebook implemented a user.setStatus API!

  • October 28, 2007 at 8:10 am

    Well, I suppose your code (like mine, an adaptation or porting of Christian’s code) remains an unconventional, unsupported way to do things that can break any moment (=a hack). I suppose we could write something NEW that actually uses the new API. I personally haven’t had time to do it yet, been too busy with real work…

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