Esha Tizafy

Esha Tizafy

Esha Tizafy gets born in Madagascar. She leaves her island when she’s only seven years old with her parents, who arrive in Sicily, in Palermo, where she still lives.

Author, composer and singer, she follows a musical path that helps drawing a bridge across cultures.
Her research grows from tradition and modernity at the same time.

I had heard her in 2007 in a previous concert in Rome and she had found on Flickr the pictures I took in that occasion. Therefore she asked if I could take some new pictures next time she would hold a concert in my area. This occasion has been on the 9th of August, in Rome.

I hope that her record will be ready soon, because she really deserves to be heard! I also suggested she registers on and share something there. For now you can contact her on MySpace.

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