This page is an attempt to collect the songs I kind of finish writing.
You can find some of the same songs, and some more, on my SoundCloud profile.

I also restore and build custom guitars. You might want to check them out.




. Catullus’ Carmen N.51

. Old Friend

. Spider (instrumental)

. With Luca N.3 (instrumental)


(re-edition of a song from 1996 – Lyrics and concept by Tommaso Cancellieri)

with Kymberlee della Luce

. New Year’s Blues

. Where are the days?

. Introspective

. Ambient

with Max Shehovstov

. Seemingly Dark

. Ballad

. Il Sole

I use ACID from Sony (I have actually been using it even before they acquired it, years ago…) to compose/sequence/record.
I recently also started using Air Ignite but I still haven’t done a full song with it – more just loops and it’s easy to get ideas bootstrapped and then ported to your main DAW. It is brilliant/fun if all you have is your laptop and a midi/usb keyboard, the instruments that come with it are pretty good to start prototyping ideas quickly. The user interaction is fantastic and extremely easy/pleasant to work with once you ‘get’ it, but you do have to first watch a couple of videos to ‘get’ it in the first place, as it is nothing like you have ever seen before in more ‘traditional’ music programs.

Here there used to be a picture of my music corner (actually, the one in a old house in Kirkland once we had just moved to America – I changed and added a few guitars since then…). Lately I have reconfigured to a more portable setup, to be able to also enjoy making my music in smaller spaces:

Portable music studio

Older songs

The songs below were made with some version of Cubase I don’t use anymore – I don’t have the original files anymore.

. Impatience

. Waiting

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