Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar | Commercial Road

Last week I have been to Doha, Qatar, visiting a customer site and learning from a colleague how to deliver my first “official” MOM Health Check. I have spent most of my time working on Microsoft Operations Manager, of course, but I also did manage to walk around a bit on my late afternoons and evenings and see some stuff. So, as I usually do in these cases, I took a ton of pictures.
I found an interesting place, filled with contrasts between old and new, tradition and competition, ancient and modern.
It’s a living place that is certainly working hard to get over the oil business model and attract richness in different ways.

John Lockerbie spotted my photos on Flickrs and asked me permission to use some of the, so they have been now republished on his very interesting page about Islamic Urban design and architeture and the one about islamic society.
They both are an interesting read, and most of his site is.

Live Photo Gallery and Flickr

I actually read this (Live Photo Gallery  allowing you to post to Flickr) a couple of days ago in an internal mail, and – even tough I Love Flickr – I have been extremely quiet and cautious and I did not blog about it. In fact I felt like waiting about blogging this GREAT new, because I thought that it was internal-only, confidential information, and I was worried that someone would tell me off 🙁

In the end it turns out that I did not have to wait or be worried, since the cat was already out of the bag!!!

[As a side note, it happens a lot of times that stuff gets public much earlier than when I actually read that internally. In those internal communication it very often is still considered “confidential” when the whole world is speaking about it…. I don’t get this whole “confidentiality” thing in these days of porous membranes…]

Clean Energy

Energia Pulita

Energia Pulita, uploaded by Lupinanto – Antonio Pennisi on Flickr.

This last couple of days the italian news have been filled with FUD about the energy problem.
That is a real problem, for the whole world. We are even killing and going to war for petrol, regardless of how they try to brainwash us with “terror”.

But we have not been quick enough to start using the alternative, clean sources of energy. I don’t know how it goes in the rest of the world on the local news, but here in Italy in this last couple of days the politicians have been talking and thinking about the energy problem and said that they care.
A lot of Wind-powered centrals have been active for years in the Netherlands, in Germany, and in a lot of other countries.

Italy has been slow in the adoption. We have some example installation, but they won’t produce as much.
If we were smart we should really leverage the amount of sun we have all year long. Cover all of our roofs of solar panels. There should be a law where every new house MUST have a solar panel. They should let normal people have HUGE discounts and promote the possibility of being autonomous by installing solar panels at home.

Instead of doing that, our brave politicians with their interests and lobbies are pushing again towards Nuclear Power (that has been REFUSED as an option by people who votes against it in a referendum in 1987) or old-fashioned stinky carbon-burning centrals. How can you even think of calling that a “clean” energy ? Do they think we are all dumb ?

Windows Live Install on 2003 Server ?

Windows Live Install on 2003 Server ?

I used to have Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Messenger on my Windows 2003 Server box. Now, this new fantastic integrated setup says it won’t install on this operating system. Ridiculous. You read the release notes, and in fact it only says Windows XP and Vista.

I see.

Well, I happen to use a Windows 2003 Server at home – the same machine for day to day use (like writing this post or checking private email) and doing some study/testing. I don’t have loads of machines. I don’t actually have money for a new machine (even if I would really need a new one to test stuff).
I try to do more with less.

Well, if this does not install, what am I supposed to do ?
I want to chat with people, which means I’ll keep using Pidgin on this machine. That way I also have my GTalk, ICQ and Yahoo buddies all in one place. And it eats up much less memory that the “real” live messenger. And without advertisements. How nice.

I am sorry when my employer does this kind of stupid things. This is not interoperability. It does not even work on OUR operating systems!

As for Windows Live Writer, read Phil’s post. It seems like FrontPage, all over again.
For writing this post I’ve used Flickr.
Since I happen to post quite a bunch of photos or images on my blog, I find it ideal. The ONLY thing Flickr is missing, when used as a blogging tool, is the ability to post tags/categories too. Otherwise it would be perfect.

New Photo Category Visualization

New Photo Category Page

Copying the advice by Small Potato, I made a different page for the ‘Photos’ category/tag on this blog. It has been a bit trickier than I first thought, because he keeps his picture uploaded into wordpress itself, while I had to write a small plugin using a regular expression to extract the “IMG SRC” portion of the post content. This way I also experimented with WordPress templates, plugins and structure a bit more than I had done before… and I am even more convinced than before that it can easily be used as a CMS rather than *just* a bloging software.

Searching for myself on various search engines

Searching for myself on Yahoo Image Search

Searching for myself on Yahoo Image Search, uploaded by Daniele Muscetta on Flickr.

Here I start a quick comparison of what search engines actually find about me.
I am glad to read that Live Search can find Jimi Hendrix’s face, and Google can spot those portraits of Paris Hilton.
Unfortunately I am not as famous as them, so not enough people have tagged me. Not on “normal” web pages or newspaper.

Yahoo did a great/smart thing buying Flickr.
It gets people doing the TAGGING for them.
So the results are accurate for pretty much everything.

Ok granted. All of these pictures are coming out of Flickr.
But while that is a limitation, it is also its power.

This is also why I was able to search for “blackberries” the other day and find the thing I was searching for, that is FRUIT that grows spontaneously in the woods, rather than a bunch of stupid mobile telephones.

Doing the same search on Google:

Searching for myself on Google Image Search

Ok this is not all from flickr anymore, they actually have the rest of the web in their database. Most of them are pictures I made – granted. But only one OF me, and definitely not the first one. Ninth position.

try the blackberry serch

And now Live Search:

Searching for myself on Live Image Search

Same as Google: images from everywhere. Less images than Google. Most of them made by me (not all). An actual picture of myself is in 9th position.

my blackberry search here finds a lot of fruit…


strangely enough, there’s an IPhone among them!!!!

Updated RSS Feed for this blog

I got tired of using FeedBurner, really. So I made a much more flexible and “Complete” integrated feed that includes posts on this blog, my photos on Flickr, my Status Changes on Facebook and Twitter. Please update your aggregator if you were using the old feed (which still works btw, but will keep having less information in it).

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