Web Sites Programming

This site, muscetta.com (my first domain) started in 2002. It has been running on Apache on Netware (yes, really) and then on Linux for many years. It first started as a static website, then got turned into a b2 (WordPress’s grandfather) and then to WordPress since its first releases.
Over the years I continued using the LAMP stack for my own sites and even when I was working at Microsoft I was using Linux – back then in the Ballmer era it wasn’t as popular as today, with those folks. I was frowned upon.
As Microsoft moved towards Cloud Services I had the honor to guide a bunch of developers who exposed me to a lot more code in a lot more languages and to scalable web architectures.
In my spare time I kept building sites for myself, friends and family.

www.plankguitars.com website
Plank Guitars https://www.plankguitars.com
Sanctuary of Joy – https://www.sanctuaryofjoy.org
Sanctuary of Joy’s blog – https://blog.sanctuaryofjoy.org/
My wife’s blog – https://jyothi.muscetta.com
Our Indian Guru’s website https://www.saigopal.org

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